Sanding Ovations Sand Castle Festival

As we continue our tour around the Tampa Bay area, today we ventured to Sanding Ovations in Treasure Island. This is the annual sand castle building festival where professionals in the industry come to build huge sculptures.

Between the bands and 70+ merchandise & food vendors setup on the beach, some may find it easy to lose track of the sand castles themselves, but don’t! After all, this is the 12th annual Sanding Ovations Master’s Cup and these are NOT your everyday sand castles! Most are the size of large vehicles and I can only imagine the time they took to construct.

This free sand sculpture and music festival is held annually in Treasure Island. If you’ve never been, make sure to check it out in 2021 and then you’ll likely attend year after year! This festival is typically in November, so keep an eye out next year.

While onsite we tried something new, Hawaiian Honey Cones! They’re setup on the beach today at Treasure Island – choose between pineapple Dole whip, chocolate, strawberry and other flavors. A meal in itself!

Sanding Ovations

Google Reviews: 34 with a 4.8/5 Average

Address: 10400 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL

Phone: 727-547-4575 ext 237

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