The Friendly Green Parrots around the Tampa Bay Area

Anyone familiar with these parrots that hang around the Tampa Bay Area? Or maybe the better question is, who isn’t familiar? 🦜 If you look up in the trees, or listen for them, they’re hard to miss! They may blend in with the trees a bit, but their green is very vivid. Plus, they’re fairly abundant and enjoy letting us know they’re in the vicinity with a screech.

While they’re commonly called Quaker Parrots, formally, they’re Monk parakeets. Those with more black coloring on their face are technically Nanday parakeets. They’re very intelligent and can actually be trained to talk. They create huge nests on power poles and such.

In these pics, you’ll see we have a pandemonium! Yes, a group of parrots is called, somewhat appropriately, a pandemonium, rather than a flock. They can be found around other parts of Florida as well!

They evidently originated in South America and made their way to the US in the 1960’s as pets. Well, some escaped and now they’ve made their home in Florida.

I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to capture decent pics of the parrots in the palm trees around our home. Then I came across these taken by Treasure Island resident Jonathan Fuss yesterday! I greatly appreciate Jonathan letting me use his pics.

Fan or Not a Fan?

Are you a fan or not a fan of the green parrots? I suspect we might have a house divided of followers. Our family votes “fan”, for the tropical feel they create. I recall long ago, riding in the backseat as my parents drove us to the coast for vacation. I knew vacation was near when I started seeing seagulls. It became one of those brain reflexes that inherently made me relaxed. Granted, now living in seagull land, I don’t always get that same feeling. Haha. However, I actually still do for the parrots.

If you ever take pictures that capture the Tampa Bay Area vibe or might make for a good post, I’d love for you to send them to me.

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