Sunwest Park and Our Adventure Around Hudson Florida

Recently, after leaving Weeki Wachee Springs State Park earlier than expected (capacity), we set out on a coastal adventure w/ Amy as our navigator. This was north of Tarpon Springs, off the beaten path. [Amy] “Go this way, down the dirt road. GPS says there’s a huge ninja adventure park this way”. [me] “What?? A ninja park here?”. Spoiler alert, it was Sunwest Park!

Through a blanket of dust, along a seemingly never-ending dirt road, we eventually found a huge adventure course on the water (Sunwest Park). Crazy. This 5 hr adventure included waterfront parks w/ boardwalks, small towns, smoothies, plus Colt made a new friend Emma. They netted tons of minnows, built a sand castle that wore a wig of seaweed and had a blast together. Cost of the adventure was gas + food. Bottom-line, head out and explore if you can. We’re surrounded by incredible destinations and really do #LiveWhereOthersVacation!

Your LovingStPete Sherpas

Before you follow us down a long dirt road, I should provide more background on your LovingStPete Sherpas. Our expense pie chart on Mint confirms we prioritize experiences over most all else. Outside of our house bills and fitness/tennis membership, our expenses are primarily Target, Goodwill, yard sales….and Kohl’s if we need to be fancy. Amy’s all over the BuyNothing groups on Facebook, so those items don’t even register. Per Mint, we roll those savings into adventures/experiences (ie Colt’s 6 passport stamps), possibly explaining why we’re on year three without dining chairs. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Amy and I were drawn to each other for many reasons, though our first vacation solidified our priorities above. Despite spending many hours to find the perfect hotel, to this day, it’s not the amenities we remember most. It’s the $90 we paid a taxi driver to drive us around on a 6 hr, self-made, adventure in our bathing suits. With only snorkel gear, cash, sunblock & towels, we asked the driver to focus on the coastline. After-all, the island touted “365 beaches, one for every day of the year”. This $90 excursion was filled with unique places, interesting people, great food & drink, plus incredible scenery. The return on investment easily surpassed any return Buffett could generate for us.

We look forward to bringing you many more local activities & destinations as we explore our beautiful area! (Note, while the location at top of post is Sunwest Park, the photos are from various stops, noted in the 📸 captions)

Sunwest Park

Google Reviews: 2929 reviews with a 4.5/5 average

Address: 17362 Old Dixie Hwy, Hudson, FL

Phone: 727-569-6472

Website: SunWest Park – A Pasco County Park Featuring Waterfront Recreation

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