Pop Goes the Waffle in Gulfport Florida

Before I get into Pop Goes the Waffle, per CPA recommendation, I’m moving some of my giveaways to my @SoldByBraswell Facebook and Instagram accounts. They added up over the last 16 months. So if you enjoyed them, good news is you’ll have better odds now. Gift cards for Pop Goes The Waffle will be posted within next 24 hours, so give Sold by Braswella follow on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love the support. I’ll also be posting many items that our family wants to pay forward, toys and much more. Lastly, it’s a fascinating real estate market in the Tampa Bay Area right now, so my hopes are that you’ll enjoy a behind the scenes perspective from a voice you already know well (once I start posting more…which is hopefully soon. #Busy 😊)
Alright, moving on from yesterday’s brief synopsis of Gulfport history, let’s start exploring! I’ll have a post dedicated to kids activities, a post for adult beverages, and much more. But let’s start with a new breakfast place that Colt loves!

Sara Fludd the Chief Waffle Maker at Pop Goes The Waffle

I could simply post pictures of our meal from “Pop Goes The Waffle” and they speak loud enough, though Sara Fludd deserves a HUGE shout out! Sara is a South Carolina native who moved to Florida to pursue her dreams. She’s knocked that out of the park with “Pop Goes The Waffle”, her food truck, now turned brick & mortar in Gulfport. She started this while simultaneously working at All Children’s Hospital. I can only imagine the financial risk, nerves and time Sara spent to make her dream a reality.

Perfect Google rating, as of this post

Sara’s creation has a 5/5 star rating on Google with 21 total reviews so far. I should note, she also ships waffles nationwide. Maybe a surprise for a friend?
An additional testament to her business is that we saw 3 police officers pick up breakfast during the short time we were onsite! 😀 Might there be some truth to law enforcement knowing the best breakfast places after working hard all hours of the night? I feel like there might have been a “[static] we’ve got a delicious breakfast situation at 5004 Tangerine Ave S” on the radios at some point. Joking. I have a good friend at the PD and additionally I’m grateful for the time that officer Bobby J spent with Colt at a school function. Bobby didn’t know us, but made Colt’s day!
Sara’s 📸 credit: Pop Goes The Waffle on FB

Google Reviews: 24 with a 5/5 Average

Address: 5004 Tangerine Ave S, Gulfport, FL

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