The Playground at the St Pete Pier Downtown

Have you ever visited a playground that has live music, cocktails and food service? Neither had we…until we found the St. Pete Pier Playground in downtown St. Pete! This is one of the largest local playgrounds we’ve found, so Colt loves it! And yes, food and drink are both served at the Spa Beach Bistro every day, next to the fun zone. We’ve also often found live music by the bistro on the weekends!

With all that being said, Colt knows it’s not very difficult (at all) to twist our arm to visit! If you haven’t already checked it out, certainly do so when you have a chance. These pics are from our trip yesterday after school. You can’t beat the backdrop, with the bay and palm trees to calm parental nerves. Similar to the kite festival this past weekend, Colt fell asleep on the ride home. 😴

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