Paradise Grille in Pass-a-Grille

If you’re not familiar with Paradise Grille in Pass-a-Grille (and Upham Beach), you should add it to your list! Followers know we briefly mentioned it in our recent posts of activities/restaurants in PAG. (If you don’t follow @LovingStPete on Facebook or Instagram, I’d love if you did!)

This picturesque backdrop and ‘shack’ on the beach, might best exemplify why our family loves living in St Pete. Incredible, especially with the storms billowing offshore this morning during our breakfast.

Keeping up with the Jones

Admittedly, it’s fairly easy for our family to want to keep up with the Jones or find happiness in material possessions. Then we head to Paradise Grille and reset, realizing that a picnic table and $10 meal on the beach brings us just as much happiness. (2 years w/o dining room chairs may serve as a example as well…haha. We can afford them, just evidently not a priority)

To be clear, there’s no right or wrong, whether you prefer fancy meals, picnic table meals (or buying chairs to sit on in your home 😂) it’s simply what suits each person and family best. We personally often indulge, possibly over-indulge, in our family adventures. In fact we signed paperwork today for a summertime splurge, more to come on that later. In my opinion, the goal is finding happiness with what surrounds you and making the most of each day.

Making Most of Each Day

The ‘making the most of each day’ hit me hard this week as a family member posted a picture of their neighbor’s 6 year old son, recently diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer (3rd 📸 in this set). You never know what’s around the corner in life. There’s no reason to fear it, simply let it serve as motivation to live life to the fullest.

So when the storms clear, grab a seat at Paradise Grille and see what the staff and Mother Nature have cooked up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – all at a very reasonable price. Get out and enjoy! We’re lucky to live in….paradise!

Google Reviews: 2789 reviews with a 4.6/5 average

Address: 900 Gulf Way, Pass-a-Grille Beach, FL (and 6850 Beach Plaza, St Pete Beach, FL)

Phone: 727-954-8957

I’m a Pass-a-Grille Real Estate Agent, Florida native and know our area well! I started LovingStPete on Facebook and Instagram to help clients and others learn about our area. It’s now followed by over 15 thousand people! If you have any real estate questions, simply contact me. My past includes developing a vacation rental advertising company, which I ran for a decade, and then sold to HomeAway/VRBO.