Planning How to Best Run LovingStPete

Hi LovingStPete Family! Colt (son) and I are busy working on our LovingStPete “business plan”. I’d love if you can comment or DM me with feedback on the below.


My Instagram and Facebook posts have always been too long by today’s standards. With this in mind, I’m adding a blog on my website for those who wish to see all the details. I’ll post a brief summary on Instagram (imagine that!) with a link to the full blog post in my bio or similar.


I’ll include a longer summary with a link to the blog post. This way you can have as many or as few details as you want (coming soon).
Post content: We love all things ‘nature’ around Tampa Bay, so I’ll likely start posting a few of the nature and wildlife pictures that we take while out. Maybe even general sights and sounds around the area, mixed in with our adventure posts. We’re blessed to live in area with great people, wildlife, scenery and much more.


I’m going to start interacting on ol’ Instagram more. I’ll start following, commenting, sharing your local content on stories, etc. You’ll help me show off our incredible area! Everyone says this engagement is a “must”, but I haven’t done it much these first 15 months.


Torn on these. Glad to do them more often again, though started feeling they might seem spammy. If you have thoughts on it, just let me know.

What else? Give me some tips to improve LovingStPete and represent the Tampa Bay area the best we can! I’ve got thick skin! I mean you might make Colt cry, but he gets up quick. 😉 (joking) #SchoolOfHardKnocks

Fourth 📸 is one of Amy’s favorites, illustrating why she endorses the frequent father-son adventures. 😂

I’m a Tampa Bay Area Real Estate Agent, Florida native and know our area well! I started LovingStPete on Facebook and Instagram to help clients and others learn about our area. It’s now followed by over 15 thousand people! If you have any real estate questions, simply contact me. My past includes developing a vacation rental advertising company, which I ran for a decade, and then sold to HomeAway/VRBO.