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Colt loved every minute of LEGOLAND Florida. We’ve heard people mention LL is ‘ideal’ for ages 2-12, partly because you won’t find the ie Busch Gardens wild rides here. Regardless, there’s certainly plenty to do, including interactive activities, shows (Watersports Stunt Show), 4D movies, rides such as Boating School, Flying school, Ford’s Driving School and many others. There are 50+ rides, many of which young ones can ride without parents.

We actually didn’t even cover the whole park, as Colt opted to build LEGO’s for an extended time despite my #BuzzKill “can’t you do that at home? Let’s ride the rides!”🤣 Though that’s the beauty of living in Pinellas county and being a pass holder! There’s zero pressure to do much of anything (same @ Disney) since you can return as many times as you want for no additional fee!


  1. The water sports stunt show is….AWESOME. Also nostalgic for me as I watched a similar show 30 yrs ago at Cypress Gardens, which became LEGOLAND! You can actually tour through some of the original Cypress Gardens area.
  2. Try their famous Apple Fries. We lived it up and added ice cream for a few extra bucks.
  3. The 4D movies are entertaining w/ of course ie misting water & wind.
  4. You can bring a small cooler and snacks.
  5. Download their app as there are no paper maps and in general it just makes life easier.
  6. Their ‘wait time’ calculations were a bit off, though always in our favor. Ie The Ninjago sign & app said ’15 minute wait’…we got on immediately.
  7. Masks are not required walking around outside, though are required on rides and indoor activities.
  8. 👉🏻⭐️🍷🍺 Steps from the park entrance/exit is the Pirate Island Hotel. After 4pm, head inside for activities led by a pirate, LEGO assembly areas and a BAR that overlooks all of the above! We enjoyed a beverage while watching Colt have a blast. Coincidentally we sat next to a great couple whose sister (& husband) owns The Lure St Pete – Made for good company!

Google Reviews: 23,544 with a 4.4/5 Average

Address: 1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, FL

Phone: 888-690-5346

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