Largo Central Nature Preserve

This past weekend, we were excited to roam the Largo Central Nature Preserve with friends who knew the area. Expectations for seeing animals were still tempered though, as we’ve adventured quite a bit locally with only sporadic wild animal sightings. Could it be that Colt gives them a 5-minute lead time before we arrive? Time to evacuate far away from the [now] 6 year old man child*, karate kicking and spinning his way through the trail. Yes, however things were different at Largo Nature Preserve!

Animal Sightings

The stars aligned and we saw quite a few wild animals! The trails led us to within 10-15 feet of ie a large gator, turtles, friendly raccoon, rabbit, fish, ducks and ducklings. There’s a cool boardwalk following the edge of a lake, providing an opportunity to see a number of the animals mentioned above.
LNP is 31 acres and mostly surrounded by water. “The park is home to hundreds of wildlife species for viewing. Over 130 species of birds, otters, red fox, American alligator, marsh rabbits, wild turkey, and bats all feed or live within the park.” There’s also a 5-mile kayak/canoe route which begins at the park and ends at Park Blvd. Need to check that out sometime, after a family discussion around the hefty gator. I’m not so sure my argument that they’re “more afraid of us than we are of them” applies to gators?
Few of the park’s features per
-Over 40 interpretive displays
-2 story observation tower
-3/4 mile asphalt, walk, bike, skate trail
-Native wildflower plantings, mixed hardwood swamp
-YMCA butterfly garden

Hidden RC Airfield!

Our friends also knew of a cool airfield for RC airplanes! This adjacent area is used by the Largo Flying Club. Aviation enthusiasts who share their love of flying together. My dad (poppy) is a retired Navy/Delta pilot so we love airplanes in our house! Finding the airfield made the day even better.
*Man child: brain in existence for 5-6 yrs, yet body as large as an 8-9 yr old. Thus the “take it easy, dude!” you might hear if you see us out and about.
Google Reviews: 872 reviews with a 4.7/5 average

Address: 150 Highland Ave N, Largo, FL

Phone: 727-893-7441

Website: Largo Central Nature Preserve

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