Gulfport Small Business Owners

What an incredible day yesterday in Gulfport! We only met half the business owners we hoped, though we’ll return again soon to finish researching for my Gulfport series.

She lost her son and business partner – so sad

The stories we heard yesterday were incredible, though some were also heart breaking. Yes, some of these businesses launched mid-2020 of all times, however there’s so much more. For instance, one owner lost her business partner in ‘21 to illness soon after opening. Her business partner was her son. 😢 She’s working to figure out how to keep the business open and trying to learn social media. “I still reference his phone because he knew how to do all of this”.

Amy says she wants me cry more (??) and she about got her wish yesterday. I cried during my mom’s cancer battle (RIP) and Amy’s step dad passing…and nearly cried in this business owner’s store. Was tempted to switch my account name from LovingStPete to Loving[her store name]. Then say, “here you go, your store now has more followers.”

Supporting Gulfport small businesses

So look for LOTS of LovingStPete support for Gulfport businesses and activities during this series. And we (myself certainly included) could likely think twice before venting online about a small family business. Ensuring we first try 1:1 before we dissuade others from visiting, for what might have been an off day or out of their control.

Annual Green Thumb Festival

On a separate note, keep this weekend’s Green Thumb Festival on your radar!! If you didn’t make it yesterday, head out today between 9am-4pm. Location: Walter Fuller Park, 7891 26 Ave North, St Pete.

The Green Thumb Festival is “St. Petersburg’s annual Arbor Day Celebration […] bringing together plant and flower lovers, as well as, individuals and families looking for a fun weekend activity. With more than 120 garden, plant and flower vendors and exhibitors, the annual event brings the community together for a weekend of fun.”
Cheers everyone, hope you have a great day! Don’t forget to support local.☀️

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