Game Zone in Sunrise Lanes St Pete

I recently mentioned a shopping center north of downtown that held several gems. Hidden gems for our family! I introduced you to Happy’s Ice Cream, a small batch homemade ice cream business with both regular and boozy ice cream. Now onto the next business in that same plaza, Game Zone in Sunrise Lanes! (If you missed our story Friday night announcing the $25 gift card winners to O’Maddy’s Bar & Grille, scroll down)

Blink and you might miss it…

Adjacent to Happy’s is a high-tech video arcade inside Sunrise Lanes! We’ve always simply driven past the bowling alley, as Colt’s just now to where he’ll consider the activity. However, had I known they had a nice arcade, I would have stopped! He certainly enjoys his games and receives them as occasional rewards. I now notice a small sign along the road that says, “Game Zone”. Keep an eye out for it!

Game Zone is a High Tech Arcade

I say “high tech” because this is much more than I expected inside a bowling alley. Take a look at the story I just posted with a video walk through. Imo it looks more like a kids Vegas! You’ll find games with multiple huge plasma screens where friends can play together, a virtual reality game (headsets), plus many other multi-player games all with large screens. Additionally, there are motorcycle riding games, basketball, a huge Minecraft game and many other options.

We used our credit card (can also use cash) to apply credits to our game card, then you simply slide the game card to play. Tickets are awarded upon playing, which kids can then redeem at their toy area, similar to a Chuck E Cheese.

The bowling alley looked nice as well, so I’ll have to write it up sometime! I heard from a follower that it was recently renovated. I also hear it’s locally owned and operated. 👍🏻

Congrats to our winners of the $25 gift cards to O’Maddy’s in Gulfport! Ramses on Facebook and @ParisBug on Instagram! Check your DM’s. Thanks everyone for the support and help with our Gulfport series!

Google Reviews: 1025 with a 4.4/5 Average

Address: 6393 9th St N, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-522-2174

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