Fo’Cheezy Twisted Meltz in St Pete Beach

Wow, why did we wait so long to try Fo’Cheezy Twisted Meltz SPB!? From a child on the streets of St. Pete to a multi-season fan favorite on #HellsKitchen, Chef Robert Hesse’s journey to create Fo’Cheezy is as great as the food!

Chef Hesse has traveled 36 states and 4 countries working in kitchens, appeared multiple times on the food network, has been private chef to ‘countless celebrities’ and even worked for chef Gordon Ramsay!

THEN in March ‘20 (of all times) he launched Fo’Cheezy Twisted Meltz in St Pete! Originally a food truck…and then a storefront at 6205 Gulf Blvd, SPB. The walls are graffiti by local artists, a visual throwback to the 90’s hip-hop scene. A downtown St Pete location will be opening soon!!

Foodwise, Fo’Cheezy has food such as…

“Cluck Norris”: Smoked Gouda, Aged Cheddar, Nashville Hot Sauce, Southern Fried Chicken, Pickled Red Onion, Dill Pickles, Cut Slaw, and Fire Aioli
‘Mac N Rib”: Sharp Cheddar, BBQ Pulled Pork Shoulder, Smoked Bacon, Fo’Cheezy Mac & Cheese, Crispy Onion, Honey Drunk BBQ
And desserts like these…
“Damn Skippy”: Captain Crunch Crusted and Fried, Chunky Peanut Butter, Grape Jelly, Donut Sugar, Nanner Puddin’ Dip
“Gimme S’More”: Vanilla Custard Brioche French Toast, Mallow Fluff, Nutella, Chopped Butterfinger, Golden Graham Crumb.

Plus great shakes, soups, sides, salads and kids menu.

Chef Hesse’s past has shaped his future

Chef Hesse isn’t shy about his past, using it to motivate youth in St. Pete. As he notes here (, at age 15 he was sent to Eckerd Academy in Brooksville to “straighten his life out”. ”[…]once a week the boys were responsible for all the cooking for the day, which teaches them math and writing skills, responsibility and planning. “Cooking changed my life,” [….] “by the end of his time at Eckerd Academy, Hesse knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.” He even operates a local charity now supporting kids.

If visiting the #1 beach in the U.S. isn’t reason enough to visit SPB, now you have Fo’Cheezy. And if you’re an 80’s & 90’s kid as I am, you’ll also certainly appreciate the décor & music.

Google Reviews: 1337 reviews with a 4.8/5 average

Address: 6305 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL

Phone: 727-827-7677

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