Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City

For those who follow our FB/IG stories on social media, you saw that we visited the Florida Strawberry Festival yesterday to preview it for you! Colt’s a busy kid, but he wanted to ensure you knew what you were getting into before making the drive. 😁

The annual Florida Strawberry Festival is 45-50 minutes from St Pete and runs through this coming Sunday! Picture the county fair you visited growing up. At the time of this writing, tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids ages 6+, and free for those in Colt’s age bracket. Our parking was an additional $10-$20.

Couple of ProTips to the Florida Strawberry Festival:

  1. Pre-purchase your tickets online and print to avoid waiting in line.
  2. Even though the parking spots further away are full, the ones right near the gate may be open! This was the case yesterday and the parking director told me it happens frequently. When people see a full lot further out, they assume the closer ones must be full too, so his lot ‘often’ has spots (30 steps from the entrance).
  3. Most everything is outdoors, though be prepared for crowds, especially if you wait until the weekend. The festival operates at night too, so maybe try to go after work & school.
  4. While the cost to enter is reasonable, keep in mind the rides require tickets ($) and the games require cash. It quickly adds up! Here’s the website to purchase entry passes: https://flstrawberryfestival.com

My Facebook and Instagram Stories on Social Media:

A side note on my Facebook and Instagram ‘stories’ on social media. Stories are posts that last only 24 hours. I typically post them on the fly in 30 seconds and they can’t be edited. The occasional grammatical or spelling typo drives me a bit crazy (even deleted a story yesterday after posting) however I’m going to just start going with it, as to preserve the moment. While my AP English teacher would certainly frown, I would argue his lessons didn’t include an energetic 5 year old wrapped around my shoulders while writing. 🤣 Same with these posts. They’re a bit raw as simply a busy Realtor/IT guy, husband, and dad. So…I’m trying to ‘let it go’ as my wife would say. No one has ever mentioned it (thank you), though it still bugs me.

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