Fairgrounds St Pete Art Collaboration

Fairgrounds St. Pete! Might recall I had a 10-month project going ‘live’ this month. Well, my client now has 15k+ checks & wire transfers being sent out daily. 😅 Sending correct amounts? To right people? No bugs in my code? At go-live, client asked “ever see the movie Office Space?” lol. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a YouTube clip: https://bit.ly/3H26iYg #IDidntDoThat

With that project and stress behind me, I’m hopeful to provide more frequent activity ideas! Whew. Much needed, as these adventures help provide an alternative to Colt’s devices! 📺

Anyone visited or heard about Fairgrounds St Pete? The “immersive world of playful art & technology exhibits based on original Florida stories”. If you haven’t visited, you’re not alone as it just opened 6 months ago.

My Artsy Wife’s Reaction to Fairgrounds St Pete

I suspected my artsy wife would dig it, so she joined this adventure. Her reaction: “WOW!!” In fact, the whole family enjoyed it. Unlike our recent free manatee excursion suggestion, Fairgrounds costs $22-$27 per person. Their website explains, ‘the word fairgrounds is a play on words referencing our mission to compensate artists fairly while providing a unique immersive platform for creative expression”. The artists have certainly worked hard to curate this experience, rather remarkable.

Tickets are easy to purchase online here, where you’ll reserve a day/time to visit. At check-in, a guide provides an overview & explains there’s a mystery to solve as you wander the art. No spoilers, but it all ties together…🤫

An area that our 6 year old really enjoyed

Colt got a kick out of it, especially the “CENTCOM” control center. Hundreds of buttons & switches to explore. Ie you can string funny phrases together over the loud speaker. They don’t spoon feed you w/ instructions, so take your time exploring to find features and maximize your experience.

Fairgrounds mission is to “become a cultural hub for immersive art experiences, and an economic engine for local artists and craftspeople [….] a place for play and discovery and a venue for showcasing, convening and celebrating Florida’s creative community and artists.”

Just 5 min from Tropicana Field. Typically closed Mon,Tues,Wed

Google Reviews: 355 with a 4.4/5 Average

Address: 800 28th St S, St Pete

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