Scroll down for playgrounds I recommend in Saint Petersburg and surrounding areas. For easier filtering of suggestions, simply visit my LovingStPete blog. There are so many great playgrounds around the St Pete and Tampa Bay area! Some have zip lines, huge slides and other features that kids love.

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North Shore Park St Pete


North Shore Park St Pete Who knows North Shore Park? If you enjoy Downtown St Pete and are looking for the nearest park with an abundance of amenities, check out North Shore! In fact, this park offers potentially more amenities of any we’ve found thus far in Pinellas. Amenities North Shore Park offers 6 beach [...]

North Shore Park St Pete2022-05-12T16:16:02-04:00

Boca Ciega Park in Seminole


Boca Ciega Park in Seminole, Just North of St Pete After a memorable summer, we’re now working to blend our ‘adventure’ schedule into the school routine, thus slow on posting. One of the easiest afterschool adventures has been to visit the local nature parks. We’re fortunate that #PinellasCounty has so many well maintained parks, with [...]

Boca Ciega Park in Seminole2022-05-10T20:24:00-04:00

McGough Park aka The Narrows


McGough Nature Park aka The Narrows and Turtle Park Ziplining with an owl in Pinellas County? Sounds like something my wife might dream up. She loves anything to do with animals, so far as even working the land animal show at SeaWorld Orlando years ago. In this case however, Colt and I really did zipline [...]

McGough Park aka The Narrows2022-05-10T00:39:37-04:00

Blossom Lake Park – Zipline


Blossom Lake Park - One of the St Pete parks with a zipline! Do you know about the playground with a zip line? Colt and I aren’t too shy about striking up conversations while out on adventures, though they’re not the conversations I imagined years ago. “So what’s the coolest playground you’ve been to in [...]

Blossom Lake Park – Zipline2022-05-10T00:26:11-04:00

Lake Seminole Park, Just North of St Pete


Lake Seminole Park in Seminole FL - Just North of St Pete A number of followers highly recommended Lake Seminole Park, so of course we checked it out! This particular park is huge, with many possibilities for the entire family. I’m talking 250 acres, several ponds, a lake, trails, 13 covered picnic shelters/pavilions, ball field, [...]

Lake Seminole Park, Just North of St Pete2022-05-10T00:26:49-04:00

Sunwest Park & Today’s Adventure


Sunwest Park and Our Adventure Around Hudson Florida Recently, after leaving Weeki Wachee Springs State Park earlier than expected (capacity), we set out on a coastal adventure w/ Amy as our navigator. This was north of Tarpon Springs, off the beaten path. [Amy] “Go this way, down the dirt road. GPS says there’s a huge [...]

Sunwest Park & Today’s Adventure2022-05-08T14:15:19-04:00

Weeki Wachee Springs and Underwater Theater


Weeki Wachee Springs and Underwater Theater First, make sure you are Following @LovingStPete on Facebook and Instagram for local activity ideas and day trips to unique places! We are grateful for your support! 👨‍👩‍👦 🏝 Now to discuss our recent day trip to Weeki Wachee Springs! Brief history of Weeki Wachee Did you know the [...]

Weeki Wachee Springs and Underwater Theater2022-05-12T18:20:14-04:00

Coffee Pot Bayou Waterfront


Coffee Pot Bayou - Waterfront, Exercise, Playground One of our favorite areas of St. Pete is the Coffee Pot Bayou area. We drive through nearly every day on our way downtown, passing many walkers, joggers, bikers, and rollerbladers as they exercise along the waterfront. A perfect setup with a roughly 2-mile sidewalk (very wide) winding [...]

Coffee Pot Bayou Waterfront2022-05-08T07:30:29-04:00

Maximo Park in St Pete


Maximo Park in St Petersburg Friends had a birthday party at Maximo Park this past weekend. While we couldn’t make the celebration, they always choose great places for events, so we had to check it out! Sure enough, it’s fantastic, just as the Google Reviews say. First, it’s waterfront. If you haven’t noticed, I gravitate [...]

Maximo Park in St Pete2022-05-04T17:51:04-04:00

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St Pete


Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St Petersburg Colt and I finally checked out Boyd Hill Nature Preserve this weekend and we loved it. What an incredible area just 10 minutes from downtown St. Pete! Trails lead you through 300 acres of protected land. An ecosystem complete with lake, marsh, swamp, pine flatwoods, sand scrub, and [...]

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St Pete2022-05-04T11:20:13-04:00
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