Beach House 5317 in Gulfport


Beach House 5317 in Gulfport Back to my #GulfportSeries! In this series, I’ve been suggesting things to do while visiting the beautiful area of ‘Old Florida’, known as Gulfport! Next up, Beach House 5317 Gulfport! One follower on Instagram and one on Facebook will each win a $25 gift card to this very popular store [...]

Beach House 5317 in Gulfport2022-05-26T18:43:52-04:00

Rocket and Shuttle Launches


Perk of living in the Tampa Bay Area - Rocket Launches! These pictures are one of the perks of living not too far from rocket launches! Watch the schedules and then look toward the east at launch time. As long as there aren't too many clouds, you should be able to see it! I sometimes [...]

Rocket and Shuttle Launches2022-05-15T08:24:51-04:00

E-Trike Rentals in Gulfport Florida


E-Trike Rentals in Gulfport Florida - Giveaway Giveaway below for E-Trikes and Happiness! Have you seen the “Happiness” signs around our area? If you haven’t, happiness is everywhere. Look 10-12 feet up on telephone poles, trees, buildings and in store windows. The 265+ signs are the work of resident Gary King. ☀️ We we’re introduced [...]

E-Trike Rentals in Gulfport Florida2022-05-15T07:22:25-04:00

Gulfport Small Business Owners


Gulfport Small Business Owners What an incredible day yesterday in Gulfport! We only met half the business owners we hoped, though we’ll return again soon to finish researching for my Gulfport series. She lost her son and business partner - so sad The stories we heard yesterday were incredible, though some were also heart breaking. [...]

Gulfport Small Business Owners2022-05-14T21:45:20-04:00

Kalina’s Coffee and European Food


Kalina's Coffee and European Food Greek salads, gyros and much more at Kalina's Coffee and European Food! Before we head into our series on Gulfport, I’ll wrap up our posts about this unassuming shopping center a few miles north of downtown St Pete. Specifically, three of the 4+ star hidden gems within the plaza, based [...]

Kalina’s Coffee and European Food2022-05-26T18:44:20-04:00

Tesla St Pete – It’s Happening


Tesla St Pete - It's Happening While we typically stick to sharing local activity ideas, I found today’s breaking Tesla news from St. Pete Rising interesting. Tesla St Pete... 😮 “The electric vehicle company is under contract to purchase a 4.21-acre site at 4601 34th Street North. The property features an existing 100,000 square foot [...]

Tesla St Pete – It’s Happening2022-05-15T20:20:13-04:00

Working on my LovingStPete business plan


Planning How to Best Run LovingStPete Hi LovingStPete Family! Colt (son) and I are busy working on our LovingStPete “business plan”. I'd love if you can comment or DM me with feedback on the below. Blog: My Instagram and Facebook posts have always been too long by today's standards. With this in mind, I’m adding [...]

Working on my LovingStPete business plan2022-05-14T15:07:12-04:00

Wild Roots St Pete – Indoor Plants


Wild Roots St Pete - Indoor Plants Any green thumbs out there? Want to be? Colt’s growing plants on our patio (one even w/ sizable tomatoes) and has a suggestion. Source your plants from independently owned shops who go the extra mile to help you! A great option for indoor plants is Wild Roots St [...]

Wild Roots St Pete – Indoor Plants2022-05-15T20:27:40-04:00

American Victory Ship & Museum – Tampa


American Victory Ship & Museum in Tampa After the personal post yesterday, we’re back to suggesting great spots to visit around our area! Side note, most of you likely won’t see yesterday’s post in your feed. Colt and I opted against paying our normal ‘boost’ for a post about avocados and our family. However, if [...]

American Victory Ship & Museum – Tampa2022-05-14T15:44:18-04:00

Personal Bio – Your LovingStPete Sherpa


Personal Bio - Your LovingStPete Sherpa Hope 2022 is off to a great start for each of you! After a vacation and subsequent Covid in the family, we’re back! Ready for a new year of scouting great places to visit! First, friends suggested Colt and I start 2022 with a personal introduction, as it’s been [...]

Personal Bio – Your LovingStPete Sherpa2022-05-14T07:10:41-04:00
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