Scroll down for free and almost free recommendations in our area. For easier filtering, simply visit my LovingStPete blog. While some of my suggestions cost money, many are very affordable! Between nature parks and outdoor activities, there are many options for those of us on a budget around St Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Area.

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Clam Bayou in Gulfport and Floridania


Clam Bayou in Gulfport and Floridania Fest Happy Saturday! Before I dive into details on Clam Bayou Nature Preserve, keep today’s Floridania Fest on your radar. This is an an event for “all things vintage Florida”, with art, souvenirs, post cards and more! Floridania at Gulfport Casino The Floridania Fest ties in with my Gulfport [...]

Clam Bayou in Gulfport and Floridania2022-05-26T15:38:22-04:00

Rocket and Shuttle Launches


Perk of living in the Tampa Bay Area - Rocket Launches! These pictures are one of the perks of living not too far from rocket launches! Watch the schedules and then look toward the east at launch time. As long as there aren't too many clouds, you should be able to see it! I sometimes [...]

Rocket and Shuttle Launches2022-05-15T08:24:51-04:00

Gulfport Activity Ideas for Families and Children


Gulfport Activity Ideas for Families and Children “Uh dad, little help please. You’re not taking a picture, are you?”. Continuing my Gulfport series, let’s discuss Gulfport activity ideas, specifically those that families and children might enjoy in this slice of ‘Old Florida’! Many Activity Options It’s clear that Gulfport has put significant thought into their [...]

Gulfport Activity Ideas for Families and Children2022-05-15T06:57:48-04:00

Gulfport Florida History – A Community


Gulfport Florida History - A Community Let’s talk about Gulfport! Who knows this charming waterfront city on Boca Ciega Bay? Our family loves this ‘Old Florida’ community for many reasons, plus it’s just 12 minutes from downtown St Pete! Colt and I will be sharing our deep dive of Gulfport over a series of posts, [...]

Gulfport Florida History – A Community2022-05-14T20:59:12-04:00

New Coffee Pot Swing and More


New Coffee Pot Swing, Banyan Trees, Pier Playground The new swing near Coffee Pot, the huge Banyan trees in North Straub Park, expansive playground at the pier and the Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge. All located within 5 minutes of each other! We live by what I’m told is the third largest, preserved, waterfront park [...]

New Coffee Pot Swing and More2022-05-14T20:49:13-04:00

Spring Themed Activity Suggestions


Spring Themed Activity Suggestions in St Pete A family with young children asked me for ‘Spring Themed Activity Suggestions’ in the Tampa Bay area for this coming week/weekend. She also said they’d like to see the Easter Bunny while they’re in town. I’d love to hear your suggestions on Facebook and Instagram! I’ll contribute a [...]

Spring Themed Activity Suggestions2022-05-14T16:15:55-04:00

St Pete Rocks – Hidden Painted Rocks


St Pete Rocks - Painting and Hiding Rocks Who’s familiar with the St Pete Rocks group on Facebook? In short, they’ve created an ongoing treasure hunt for children and adults alike around St Pete. Artists and aspiring artists have painted and hidden rocks around St Pete for us to find! When you find one, you’re [...]

St Pete Rocks – Hidden Painted Rocks2022-05-15T20:25:14-04:00

Upcoming Gulfport Series – Information Collection


Upcoming Gulfport Series - Information Collection We’re excited to publish a series on Gulfport in the next couple weeks! Our family loves this waterfront community, located just 15 minutes from downtown St Pete! We appreciate you following along and exploring it with us. 🌴 In this series, we also want to include some of your [...]

Upcoming Gulfport Series – Information Collection2022-05-14T15:30:35-04:00

Al Nixon – North Shore Park Regular


North Shore Park Regular - Al Nixon Today I visited North Shore Park to count some blessings and attempt to wrap my head around the turmoil overseas. When it became clear that Russia was invading Ukraine, I followed the coverage much of the night. I couldn’t stop. The gravity of the air raid sirens, explosions [...]

Al Nixon – North Shore Park Regular2022-05-14T15:25:19-04:00

Localtopia In St Pete 2022


Localtopia 2022 in Downtown St Pete If you don’t have plans on Saturday, check out Localtopia in St Pete! This is of course St. Pete’s largest ‘Community Celebration of All Things Local’ - a FREE event! Colt and I posted a video recap of the 2021 Localtopia in the comments. Localtopia This is the 9th [...]

Localtopia In St Pete 20222022-05-14T10:20:46-04:00
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