Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise in Clearwater Beach

We played tourist on Sunday and loved it. After celebrating Valentine’s Day at Casa de Colt, we decided a family adventure aboard Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise in Clearwater somehow made sense. I mean the boat’s red, they serve drinks for toasting, and provide pirates to keep Colt. This way Amy and I could enjoy a sunset together. Why not.

Cliff Notes: This 2 hr cruise costs between $30-$40/person (at time of this post) depending on age and includes complimentary beer, wine, & sodas. Pirates were fantastic(!) with the kids, tons of activities, we’ll be back!

Details and #ProTips:

We arrived early to enjoy beach time, however Mother Nature steered us into a nearby restaurant. Coincidentally, this restaurant had an impressive margarita list – hint taken. Given standard beach traffic, I’d aim to arrive early, and depending on traffic, worst case you enjoy an appetizer and marina view at one of the nearby restaurants.

If you’re a large family/group, by arriving early you may have the bow tower deck area to yourself (seats 10+-). We were one of the last to board, though still had room to spread out in our mid-deck area.

Local or Tourist?

Despite the 931 reviews on Google with 4.7 average, for some reason we were slightly hesitant. We were wrong and deserve to walk the plank. The pirates aboard Captain Memo were fantastic with the kids, extremely patient, & were constantly working on something for customers the entire trip.

This included serving drinks, tattoo’ing the kids, organizing a treasure hunt, reading pirate stories, water gun fight vs Capt Peg Leg, and teaching the kids lots of dances (music plays the entire trip). I was a bit bummed I wasn’t the one to teach Colt how to do the Sprinkler, but I’ve still got the Shopping Cart.

The pirates work for tips and while I tipped early, by the end of the voyage I was pulling out my wallet again because we were so pleased at their hard work. Bottom-line is that the next time we have company in town, we’ll suggest Captain Memo’s and hope their game. If they have kids 3-7, we’ll pretty much insist on the matter!

Google Reviews: 931 with a 4.7/5 Average

Address: 25 Causeway Blvd, Clearwater Beach, FL

Phone: 727-446-2587

Website: Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise | Clearwater Beach Florida | Family Fun Cruise

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