Blossom Lake Park – One of the St Pete parks with a zipline!

Do you know about the playground with a zip line? Colt and I aren’t too shy about striking up conversations while out on adventures, though they’re not the conversations I imagined years ago. “So what’s the coolest playground you’ve been to in our area?” Hmm. The things we do for @LovingStPete and our kids. 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

The last time we visited Boyd Hill Nature Preserve (awesome place), one of the dads answered my ‘coolest playground’ question with “probably the playground with the zip line”. Say what? Sure enough, the city of Seminole boasts Blossom Lake Park, which evidently underwent a $550K overhaul earlier this year.

Blossom Lake Park Connects to Pinellas Trail and has lots of amenities

The park connects to the Pinellas Trail & includes “a 1/3-mile fitness trail, basketball court, gazebos with charcoal grills, fishing lake, two playground areas, horseshoe pits and a multipurpose ball field”. While a detriment to some of these photos, one of the best aspects of the park is the abundant shade. The playground at Blossom Lake is fortunately built under a canopy of trees.

This isn’t the largest playground we’ve seen, however there’s a dang zipline (view our ‘story’ to see video of it in action). If you’ve been, you might be saying “let’s reign this in a bit, you aren’t exactly ziplining through the Costa Rican rainforest”. True, it’s probably only 30 feet long, though Colt loved it. I’d estimate it’s great for 3-7 year old’s. There’s also plenty of swings, slides, a balance beam, monkey bars, etc. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Our Orange Belt Cafe Winners

Onto our Orange Belt Cafe winners! Did you know that the Orange Belt Railway was developed in the late 1800’s to transport citrus out of Pinellas County…and eventually became the Pinellas Trail? Come to find out, the Orange Belt Railway inspired Tommy and Jenny when naming Orange Belt Café! Thus it seemed fitting to announce the winners in this post, given Blossom Lake’s connection to the Pinellas Trail. Congratulations to @quinnmamma on Instagram and Diane Scarborough on Facebook! I’ll reach out within 24 hours.

Google Reviews: 78 with a 4.6/5 Average

Address: 10407 Blossom Lake Dr, Seminole

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